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Daryl vs Pyramid Head by RaineLawliet
Daryl vs Pyramid Head
My Daryl Dixon cosplay I wore to Anime Banzai 2014. When I saw Pyramid Head I knew I had to get a picture, especially since Norman Reedus is going to be in the new game. I finished this cosplay about 3 days before the con. I'm planning on re-doing the wings on the back of the vest and adding in some details such as the ear necklace later. For a first run I'm really happy with how this one turned out.

Series: The Walking Dead
Character: Daryl Dixon


RaineLawliet's Profile Picture
Jenny Cottam
United States
My name is Jenny and I draw and do cosplay. I am a second generation artist, my dad is an impressionist. My main medium when I draw is graphite. I love prop building. So far I cosplay Deidara, Zetsu, Kushina, Orochimaru, Karin, and Hidan from Naruto, Ukraine from Hetalia, Shin from NANA, Bellatrix from Harry Potter, Kanoe from X/1999, Misa from Death Note, Mew(Gijinka) from Pokemon, Gothic Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Rukia from Bleach Presea from Tales of Symphonia, Phoenix from The X-Men, Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians, Squirrel Girl from Marvel comics, and Ruby Rose from RWBY.
I decided it's about time I actually write down all of the cosplays that I do. So here it is...
Deidara from Naruto
Zetsu from Naruto
Kushina from Naruto
Orochimaru from Naruto
Ukraine from Hetalia
Shin from NANA
Bellatrix from Harry Potter
Kanoe from X/1999
Misa from Death Note
Mew(Gijinka) from Pokemon
Gothic Alice from Alice in Wonderland
Rukia from Bleach
Karin from Naruto
Hidan from Naruto
Ruby Rose from RWBY
Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

I think that's all of them.

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Thank you very much on the fav on my Nezumi cosplay! I really  appreciate it! ^.^
Also, if you'd like to see more my fb page is:…
RaineLawliet Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015
You're welcome :) You did a really good job on it.
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AnimeGirl513 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
Hi Jenny! I finished my Kushina story that was inspired by you. If you wanna see it then just come to my page!
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Ok, cool.
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Hello, you only know me in real life. It's your cousin, Josh.
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